Trading Platform- Equity

Why Equities?

Why you must focus on investing as much as possible for the longer term?

Investing in equities for a long term has many advantages. Here is why equity investments have an edge over simply saving money in your bank account:

Benefits of Equity investment.


An investor is entitled to receive a dividend from the company. It is one of the two main sources of return on his investment.


The other source of return on investment apart from dividend is the capital gains. Gains which arise due to rise in market price of the share


Liability of shareholder or investor is limited to the extent of the investment made. If the company goes into losses, the share of loss over and above the capital investment would not be borne by the investor.


By investing in the company, the shareholder gets ownership in the company and thereby he can exercise control. In official terms, he gets voting rights in the company.


An investor of equity share is the owner of the company and so is the owner of the assets of that company. He enjoys a share of the incomes of the company. He will receive some part of that income in cash in the form of dividend and remaining capital is reinvested in the compan


Whenever companies require further capital for expansion etc, they tend to issue ‘rights shares’. By issuing such shares, ownership and control of existing shareholders are preserved and the investor receives investment priority over other general investors. Right Shares are issued at a price lower than current market price of the equity share. So, existing investor can take that advantage or otherwise can renounce right in some one’s favor to get value of right.


At times, companies decide to issue bonus shares to its shareholders. It is also a type of dividend. Bonus shares are free shares given to existing shareholders and many times they are given in lieu of dividends.


The shares of the company which is listed on stock exchanges have the benefit of any time liquidity. The shares can very easily transfer ownership.


Stock split means splitting a share into parts. How should an investor be benefited by this? By splitting of share, the per-share price reduces in the market which eventually increases the readability of share. At the end, stock split results in higher volumes with a number of investors leading to high liquidity of the share.

Why invest with us?


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