Trading involves substantial risk and may result in the loss of your invested/greater that your invested capital, respectively.

Derivative Strategy

Derivatives are instruments that derive the value of underlying assets. Derivate strategy is meant to open the world of speculative opportunities for day traders and swing traders. The stock derivate is instruments where it is possible to make or lose a lot of money. Using derivatives data such as open interest, put-call ratios, and volatility we make various strategies into the recommendation decision. Derivate tool are also used to mitigate risk through strategies such as hedging, covered calls, and protective puts into the recommendation decision.

Each investment in stock market associates with some degree of risk and rewards that need to be understand. Investment in equity market demands lots of study and research. In this electronic era, information floats everywhere, therefore one need to be very conscious while choosing fruitful insights. We at Vcap Money help to address this need of making an informed decision while investing in stock market. Our research calls (both technical and fundamental) are supported by extensive research from our expert team tailored to the risk appetite of each investor.

Our Research methodology involves fundamental as well as technical research. We have separate highly skilled people equipped in analysing various parameters that affect performance of indices, industries and companies. Based on experience and knowledge about the markets, we understand the importance of identifying the opportunities well before the competition.

Broadly, options strategies can be divided into 6 categories as under:

  • Bullish strategies
  • Bearish strategies
  • Moderately bullish strategies
  • Moderately bearish strategies
  • Volatile strategies
  • Range bound strategies

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